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In Art Class we learn about:

In Art Class we learn about:

  • The 7 Elements of Art (line, shape, color, form, value, texture & space) with a fun song & hand jive.
  • How to use different materials and media and techniques
  • Draw, paint, color, & sculpt animals, landscapes, & portraits both real and imaginary.
  • Famous art and artists
  • Distance learning may include the use of found materials/ upcycling to create art.
  • Art kit contains different types of paper, oil pastels, crayons, permanent marker, watercolor paints, and paintbrushes


Please have students keep the art materials together so they will have them when Art begins. 

Other common school supplies will be needed: Scissors, glue, pencil, eraser, sharpener, paper towels/napkins.  Markers and colored pencils are also great, but not necessary.
Art Kits distributed September 8th - See Kit


This is a chance to see your kiddos’ incredible artwork on all sorts of products and keepsakes. You may have seen some of their recent masterpieces from Art class with Mrs. Berkowitz - don’t miss a chance to memorialize these childhood memories with special keepsakes for you and family!
1. Child chooses 1 of their 3 pieces of art to use for the fundraiser.
3. Take a screenshot of the art with a smartphone or iPad.
4. Upload by November 12th
*You can also submit artwork by your other children, as long as it is on the same size paper as the special art paper that was sent home. Orders are due Nov. 13.
Keepsakes will be mailed directly to families to arrive approximately Dec. 9th. For more information or to upload, and order, visit the Square 1 Art website
Print at home art paper for Square 1 Art fundraiser Project:  Art Paper