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Think Works
*In the event that any Thinkworks class cannot be held in person due to applicable health orders, it will be moved to a virtual format and no refund will be issued.*
New Fall ThinkWorks Classes coming soon...

New Fall ThinkWorks Classes coming soon...

Any class offered by ThinkWorks is for enrichment purposes only, and is not a substitute for general education or intervention.

Please reach out to the Ed Fund at to inquire about our ThinkWorks programs.
ThinkWorks is not sponsored or supported by the SRVUSD school district or Alamo School. It is run by the Alamo Education Fund before and after school time, and for enrichment purposes only.
Preivous ThinkWorks Offerings:

Preivous ThinkWorks Offerings:

Sewing with Spanish Academy
“I want to learn how to sew!” Sewing is not only fun and creative, but is a useful skill. Children will learn how to safely thread a needle; work with patterns; and sew their own pieces by hand. Sewing techniques learned in this class include running stitch, slip stitch, how to sew buttons, and more. Children will make projects like: potpourri bags, and 3D cupcakes. Sewing materials included. 
Grades: 1st-5th

Lego Class with Snapology – Movie Favorites
Each class day will be on one of those movie characters we all love – Finding Nemo, Pokemania, Jurassic Park, Emmett, Harry Potter, Angry Birds and more!  As we build with those LEGO bricks, we’ll be doing projects we make and take home like your very own Nemo, how to light up their build with a LED, to walking out as a Wizard (wand, glasses and that famous mark for your forehead-temporary of course).  Come join the adventure into our very own movie world! 
Grades: K - 5th
Debate Club with SPARK Business Academy
Students learn the art of persuasion and help select debate topics they find interesting. In a public forum debate format, students work in groups and practice their debating skills in a supportive environment, including developing arguments, issuing rebuttals, providing examples, rebuilding their case, and summarizing points of view. Young debaters learn to think on their feet and enhance their public-speaking skills, gaining self-confidence in the process.
Grades: 3rd-5th

Coding with Code Ninjas
This class is for beginners to coding. Ninjas will learn basic core coding concepts with the help of block based programming, which will prepare them to move on to JavaScript learning. In block based programming, ninjas will drag and drop blocks with embedded scripts that make the blocks function. Ninjas will work with Scratch, and build 10 video games as they learn to code from Code Ninjas' proprietary Fundamentals curriculum. 
Grades: 1st - 5th
Mandarin with Spanish Academy
Mandarin Class is designed for non-Chinese background students with little or no previous knowledge of Chinese. The objective of the class is to learn vocabulary, conversational phrases, reading and some relevant cultural background. The Chinese phonetic system “Pinyin” is introduced at the beginning of the course. Each class will be thematic-based (Greetings, Foods, Hobbies, Family,  etc.), including learning the basics (numbers, colors) in a very fun, tactile and visual manner. The teacher will use visual aids (posters, flashcards, other) and instructional objects to motivate and engage the students in learning the Mandarin language.  
Grades: 1st-  5th 
Chess with Black Dragon Chess
The class will include individual and group instruction, as well as supervised play amongst the students.  All ability levels are welcome, even if you’ve never played the game. Previous students are also encouraged to continue.  All materials are provided.
Grades:1st - 5th
Spanish with Spanish Academy
Children will learn the Spanish language in a fun, comfortable learning environment. Material is presented in a visual, engaging, interactive manner. Students will learn real Spanish in an immersion setting, as well as become familiar with cultural elements of Spanish-speaking countries. The curriculum consists of learning: ABC’s, numbers, colors, vocabulary words, phrases (conversation), poems, songs, art projects, games and much more. Students will receive a Spanish book.  The goal of this program is to attain conversational skills and to build a Spanish language foundation for when they enter middle school. New material is introduced each session.
Grades: 1st - 5th